How to get rid of MDMA from the body?


In today’s time, several people have a terrible drug addiction. From the younger to an old age person people have a nasty habit of drugs. There are several types of drugs are there. One of the drug types is MDMA, and this drug was the first manufactured in 1914 by the Germany drug company for the treatment. Today this drug is abused commonly by the people. MDMA is dangerous which can kill the person in first use and those people who take it continuously leads to brain damage, memory loss, and skill motor defect.

There is a urine test process which shows the presence of MDMA in our body.

Specimen collection

The abuse of MDMA is identified by using urine drug testing method. The test should be done by the group if urine samples. Without any fragments, the sample should be clear. The room temperature should be compulsory for the preceding to testing samples.

Test procedure

  • The test is analysis with the help of specimen dropper, take out the urine in the specimen cup. There is just only three drops of urine is placed on the circular sample and take a thing in your mind that taken should not overfill the absorbent pad.
  • In strip type testing you need to dip the strip into the urine with the arrow end pointing in the direction of urine. Remember that all the lines should not be covered with urine. The piece took a maximum of 15 seconds and placed it in the flat and non-absorbent surface.
  • In dip card type of testing, dip the absorbent tip into urine for 5 seconds. Take care that urine should not touch the plastic surface after that placed it in the clean surface and closed it with cap.


In the above, we have discussed the types of test. Here the result could be shown after 5 minutes.

In the first type of test, if there is a pink-rose color appears in control ‘C,’ then it is a negative report and if there is no color is appear then it’s a positive result which indicates the MDMA level is above the destination sensitivity of 500ng/ml.

In all the type of test, the result could be shown by the same type. The MDMA test can be done by yourself at home; you need to buy the test kit. Conducting a urine test shows that there is no need for a lab and technician to check the drug addiction.