What are the physical and psychological effects of heroin abuse?


Near about 115 people died every day in the united stated of America due to abuse of heroin. People use it as a cheaper substitute for prescription drugs. It is illegal and made from the poppy plant. You have to hear the entire schedule which was established under the controlled substance act by the Drug Enforcement Administration. People who take regular painkiller without any problem; this means they have a drug addiction.

According to the united nation, the numbers of heroin users are just 20 years old. Many of heroin suppliers mix some other kind of drugs in it to reduce the cost and those people who buy it as a treatment they think that is pure but the truth is that it is not genuine. It also harms our brain, and we can lose our memory.

Heroin causes changes in the white and gray matter of the brain

  • Heroin affects the white and gray matter of mind which in turn and starts affecting the hormonal and neuronal functions of the body. These changes may not clear quickly; according to research the addiction of heroin leads to disruption of the brain’s white matter.
  • The white matter controls the sensing power of body if it gets disruption then you can’t feel anything whereas the gray matter is located in the regions to control the muscle movements, hearing, speech, behavior, emotion and decision-making power also affected due to using drugs.
  • The short term physical symptoms, heroin can lead to long terms health issues like HIV and mental health issue like depression.
  • Heroin abuse leads to a problem in the relationship, financial, legal battles, unemployment, and homelessness.
  • The excess use or overdose leads to an increase in the risk of our life. Some overdose effects are depressed heart rate, slow breathing, coma, and even death.
  • When people try to stop using it they feel uncomfortable and irregular pain.


There are several treatments to stop using heroin. Especially government has opened some NGO for removing the habit of taking drugs. The therapy may be including detox, meditation, and behavioral therapies. People face many problems while receiving treatment of it like mental illness which is known as dual diagnosis. If you stop taking medication, then you can again be addicted to taking drugs.

Thus, these are the entire heroin. If you think that someone is taking drugs, then you have to help that person. Don’t try to take an extra dose of medicine because it also contains drugs.